How To Buy LOAN Token (Step-By-Step 2024)

Liquid Loans
2 min readJan 13, 2024
How To Buy LOAN Token

Liquid Loans is LIVE!

And the LOAN token has hit the open market.

Thousands of users have already bought and staked it, earning a share of the fees.

If you’re ready to earn fees in PLS and USDL, then keep reading this guide to learn how to buy LOAN token.

Stay all the way until the end to learn how to EARN the LOAN token without having to buy it!!!

Disclaimer: Buying any cryptocurrency carries risk. This is in no way financial advice, and you should always consult a financial advisor. The purpose of this guide is to simply show users how to perform an action they already decided to take.

Step 1: Buy PLS

Although there are several different paths to buy LOAN token, this one is the simplest and most cost efficient for now.

To buy LOAN, you must first get PLS.

You will need PLS for gas fees, and it is also the coin with the most liquidity paired to LOAN.

To learn how to buy PLS visit this guide: How To Buy PLS (Step-By-Step)

Step 2: Swap To Loan

Now that you have done the hard part, you can swap your PLS for LOAN token.

There are several different decentralized exchanges on PulseChain, as well as DEX aggregators which help you get the best deal on your trades.

To keep it simple, we will go to the largest liquidity pool on the largest DEX, PulseX.

Go to: and click the first link under “IPFS”

Once on the front end for PulseX, you will have to import the LOAN token.

Click on “PulseX” and paste this address (0x9159f1D2a9f51998Fc9Ab03fbd8f265ab14A1b3B) into the field that says “Search name or paste address”.

Then click “Import” and select “I Understand”.

Finally, choose the amount of PLS you want to swap and click “Swap”.

Confirm the transaction and once it is validated you have successfully bought LOAN token!

Bonus Ways to Earn LOAN Token

There are two ways to earn LOAN without having to buy it!

  1. Stability Pool. Users who hold USDL can become Stability Providers within the protocol and earn rewards in the form of LOAN token. To learn more about this opportunity, read this article: The Stability Pool Explained
  2. LP Rewards. For the first 42 days of the protocol, liquidity providers on the PLS:USDL pair on PulseX v2 can earn rewards in the form of LOAN token. To learn more about this opportunity, read this article: LP Rewards Program



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