Why PulseChain is a bigger deal than you may realize

The fact you’re reading this means you’ve probably already heard of Richard Heart’s upcoming Ethereum fork, PulseChain. You’re also probably aware that when PulseChain launches, all existing tokens, NFTs and dApps on Ethereum will be copied across to the new network — yep, a free copy of all your ERC20s, what’s not to love?

You may have even taken part in Richard Heart’s ‘sacrifice phase’, where people were able to make a political statement on the importance of free speech as a protected human right, and may even be crossing your fingers for some free Pulse coin as a thank you. But have you really stopped to think about how big of a deal it is that PulseChain will launch fully loaded?

Since all the dApps on Ethereum will automatically be copied over onto PulseChain, the effort required by developers to ensure the code works on the new network should be minimal. In fact, it’s possible that tweaks to the code of a given dApp may not even be required. Since software development is notoriously difficult (and time consuming) the convenience factor for blockchain developers created as a result of PulseChain launching fully loaded can’t be overstated.

Now let’s imagine you’re an Ethereum user who is sick of paying through the nose for ‘gas’. If all you needed to do is simply change a few settings in your MetaMask to be able to perform the exact same functions on a much faster and exponentially cheaper network, would you? Of course you would! Not to mention that the allure of a free copy of all your Ethereum-based tokens will be too great to resist.

For these reasons, adoption is highly unlikely to be a problem for PulseChain, and once Ethereum’s users begin to play around on the new network, they’re sure to fall in love with the rapid transactions and incredibly cheap transaction fees. We’re anticipating a tidal wave of adoption for PulseChain, which should help give Ethereum the bandwidth it desperately needs to eventually move over to proof-of-stake.

Now let’s consider a few more reasons the launch of PulseChain is going to be big…

Improved game theory

Unlike Ether ($ETH), Pulse ($PLS) will be deflationary, with 25% of the fees from each and every transaction on the network burned. Even though the circulating supply of Pulse is set to be absolutely massive, this fee-burning mechanism will rapidly drive down the circulating supply — and likely drive the price of Pulse up (and up).

Much more environmentally friendly

By replacing proof of work miners with proof of stake validators, PulseChain will be much gentler on the planet than Bitcoin and Ethereum currently are. With Bitcoin mining using more power than many countries, this eco-friendlier improvement will be very welcome — and will likely receive lots of positive media attention as a result.

The Richard Heart factor

Richard Heart may be one of the most divisive figures in crypto, but there is no doubting his marketing skills. He did raise over US$670 million during the sacrifice phase after all, as well as over $27 million medical research.

When you consider Richard’s background as a serial entrepreneur, along with his more recent rise to fame as a crypto founder and philanthropist, there’s no doubt he knows how to capture people’s attention.

Liquid Loans

While we may be just a tiny bit biased, we truly believe Liquid Loans will play an extremely positive role in the PulseChain ecosystem. By allowing Pulse holders to extract value from their gains without ever having to sell, we believe Liquid Loans will remove a huge amount of sell pressure from PLS in the long term.

Of course, borrowing against your PLS isn’t the only thing you’ll be able to do inside the Liquid Loans protocol. You’ll also be able to provide stability to the system (and yield rewards in LOAN and liquidation proceeds in PLS), as well as stake your LOAN to receive rewards in the form of USDL and PLS.

Completely immutable and with no admin keys, Liquid Loans will be a powerful financial tool for PulseChain community members, and we can’t wait to help play a part in more people realizing their financial goals.

The Liquid Loans sacrifice phase will take part in early 2022, where you will be able to make a political statement against corporate-owned, censorable, centralized stablecoins, and express your desire to see something better emerge on PulseChain. Should you choose to participate in this sacrifice, you must have no expectation of profit derived from the work of others. To learn more, go to thesacrifice.io or join our highly active community on Telegram.

Legal disclaimer:
The content of this article, any references made within it, as well as any accompanying documentation, are of purely informational nature. In particular, none of the content shall be understood as advice provided by Liquid Loans, nor does Liquid Loans warrant the actuality or accuracy of the information.



A truly decentralized borrowing protocol that allows you to draw 0% interest-free loans against your Pulse coins. Non-custodial, immutable and no admin keys.

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Liquid Loans

A truly decentralized borrowing protocol that allows you to draw 0% interest-free loans against your Pulse coins. Non-custodial, immutable and no admin keys.